Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ice Age: Double Feature

A specially priced limited edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Ice Age; The Great Divide and “Liberation”.

Ice Age: Double Feature

Ice Age
Jimmy Pappas - Guitars
Josh Pincus - Vocals and Keyboards
Hal Aponte - Drums and Percussion
 Arron DiCesare - Bass

A specially priced 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Ice Age. The Great Divide and “Liberation”

In this verdant, vibrant age of progressive metal, it's quite the treat to hear a band stride confidently forth with more of a nimble, traditionally progressive rock approach, Ice Age thenceforth advancing past the masters, into often overlooked tones from bands like Styx, Kansas, Saga, Rush and Queensryche.

Josh offers a final word which sets the stage for an exploration of the Ice Age experience. "Obviously we are a prog rock/metal band. That's a fair enough categorization. But I think as the years go on, our focus, especially now with the new material, is becoming song structure and songwriting and strong vocal melody writing.”

The Great Divide
1. Perpetual Child (10:29)
2. Sleepwalker (5:24)
3. Join (5:55)
4. Spare Chicken Parts (8:50)
5. Because Of You (5:32)
6. The Bottom Line (4:44)
7. Ice Age (11:08)
8. One Look Away (5:40)
9. Miles To Go (5:01)
10. To Say Goodbye, Part I: Worthless Words (3:13); Part II: On Our Way (8:18)

1. The Lhasa Road (No Surrender) (8:38)
2. March Of the Red Dragon (1:07)
3. The Blood Of Ages (7:15)
4. A Thousand Years (6:10)
5. When You're Ready (8:58)
6. Musical Cages (6:31)
7. Monolith (1:15)
8. The Guardian of Forever (6:48)
9. Howl (1:41)
10. The Wolf (4:40)
11. To Say Goodbye, Part III:  Still Here (8:19)
12. Tong-Len (1:34)

Artist: Ice Age
Title: Ice Age: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 10/02/2015
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case

Catalog #: MA-2004-2
UPC: 614286200421

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cairo: Double Feature

A specially priced limited edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Cairo; "Cairo" and "Conflicts and Dreams".

Cairo: Double Feature

Mark Robertson: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Grand Piano, Vocals
Jeff Brockman: Drums, Electronic Percussion
Bret Douglas: Lead Vocals
Alec Fuhrman: Guitars, Vocals

Bob Fordyce: Bass, Vocals on “Cairo”
Jamie Browne: Bass on “Conflict And Dreams”

Fans of Yes, ELP, Genesis and the other great keyboard-centric bands of the first golden age will fall instantly in love with Cairo. Driven by virtuoso musicianship and conceptual songs, Cairo’s lush arrangements, soaring melodies and sweet harmonies are as cinematic as they are evocative.

Mark Robertson’s stellar keyboard work is truly a highlight of “Conflict And Dreams” and he proves over and over again that he is one of the more remarkable keyboard players in the music world today. Melodic and expressive guitar work from Alec Fuhrman transform textures throughout the compositions as well as shifting the emotional range of the soundscape throughout the album. Jeff Brockman’s powerful, yet tasteful, drumming propels the tracks while acting to hold the band together. Singer Bret Douglas has a vocal purity matched only by its power. 

1 Conception 2:10
2 Season Of The Heart 10:13
3 Silent Winter 8:25
4 Between The Lines 9:25
5 World Divided 10:16
6  Ruins At Avalon’s Gate 22:25

"Conflict And Dreams"
1. Angels And Rage 10:23
2. Corridors 11:56
3. Western Desert 17:08
4. Image 1:25
5. Then You Were Gone 8:25
6. Valley of The Shadow 15:52

Artist: Cairo
Title: Cairo: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 09/18/2015
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case

Catalog #: MA-2003-2
UPC: 614286200322

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Shadow Gallery: Double Feature


A specially priced Limited Edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Shadow Gallery: "Shadow Gallery" and "Carved In Stone"

Shadow Gallery: Double Feature

Shadow Gallery
Brendt Allman – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
Mike Baker – Lead Vocals
Carl Cadden-James – Bass, Vocal, Flute, Fretless Bass
Chris Ingles – Piano and Keyboards

Gary Wehrkamp – Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals on “Carved In Stone”
Kevin Soffera – Drums on “Carved In Stone”

"Shadow Gallery" was the debut CD by Shadow Gallery, and first took the world by storm in 1992.  It has never been available in the USA through any distributor. 

Shadow Gallery made a name for themselves during the early 1990s by helping to create and expand the progressive metal scene. Citing the influence of Queensryche, Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes, Shadow Gallery put as much emphasis on the keyboard as they do on their blistering guitar work.  Another stand out is the lead vocals of the late Mike Baker and the wonderful vocal harmonies from the rest of the band.  This is the album that started it all, originally only released in Japan and Europe. Includes the epic 17-minute 'The Queen of the City of Ice'.

The follow-up, “Carved In Stone”, is a progressive rock masterpiece, building upon the composition and production skills of the first album to perfect the Shadow Gallery sound.  The piano takes lead on instrumental segues which transition between songs, vocal harmonies and guitars punctuate the thought provoking lyrics throughout. The album concludes with the 22-minute "Ghostship," which gives Shadow Gallery a chance to shine as musicians.

"Shadow Gallery"
1 The Dance Of Fools 7:31
2 Darktown 9:12
3 Mystified 7:07
4 Questions At Hand 6:56
5 The Final Hour 4:15
6  Say Goodbye To The Morning 6:43
7 The Queen Of The City Of Ice 17:22

"Carved In Stone"
1 Cliffhanger 8:50
3 Crystalline Dream 5:45
5 Don’t Ever Cry, Just Remember 6:25
7 Warcry 5:56
8 Celtic Princess 2:04
9 Deeper Than Life 4:33
11 Alaska 5:21
12 Ghostship 21:56

Artist: Shadow Gallery
Title: Shadow Gallery: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 08/07/2015
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case

Catalog #: MA-2002-2
UPC: 614286200223

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Magellan: Double Feature


A specially priced 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Magellan.
"Hour Of Restoration" and "Impending Ascension"

Magellan: Double Feature

Trent Gardner—Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Wayne Gardner—Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Hal Stringfellow Imbrie—Bass, Vocals

Special Guests:
Doane Perry – Drums on “Waterfront Weirdos”
Hope Harris – Female Voice on “Virtual Reality”

"Hour Of Restoration" was the first CD by Magellan, and the first Magna Carta release back in 1991.  It has not been available in the USA through any distributor in over 20 Years.  The early influences of Rush, Yes, and Kansas are marbled throughout Magellan's debut album which recounts the signing of the Magna Carta and then takes a progressive excursion through England's formative years as a nation. 

Magellan's "Impending Ascension" is a truly great progressive rock work. Building upon the same Progressive Rock influences as the previous “Hour of Restoration”, “Impending Ascension” features better, more consistent songwriting and a harder-edged sound. With Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry guesting on “Waterfront Weirdos”.

"Hour Of Restoration"
1 Magna Carta 14:45
2 The Winner 2:07
3 Friends Of America 3:27
4 Union Jack 9:08
5 Another Burning 5:04
6 Just One Bridge 2:15
7 Breaking These Circles 5:17
8 Turning Point 1:24

"Impending Ascension"
1 Estadium Nacional 11:12
2 Waterfront Weirdos 11:05
3 Songsmith 5:32
4 Virtual Reality 5:25
5 No Time For Words 2:08
6 Storms And Mutiny 11:50
7 Under The Wire 1:41

Artist: Magellan
Title: Magellan: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 07/10/2015
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case
Catalog #: MA-2001-2
UPC: 614286200124

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Vote for MoeTar to receive the "Limelight Award" from Prog Magazine


Magna Carta Records is proud to announce that the prestigious Prog Magazine in the UK has nominated MoeTar in the Limelight category (“up and coming bands”) for their annual Progressive Music Awards.

Please help our amazing California-based artists, MoeTar, receive this great award that they so truly deserve.

Vote for MoeTar in the Limelight category. We will keep you updated as this process unfolds.

Vote For MoeTar in the "Limelight Awards" catagory

Prog Magazine

MoeTar "Entropy Of The Century"

MoeTar - "Entropy Of The Century" at Magna Carta

MoeTar - "Entropy Of The Century" Video

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Magna Carta: Law and Legend, 1215-2015


June 13-Oct. 12, 2015 Library, West Hall
The Huntington Library, Art Collections,
and Botanical Gardens
1151 Oxford Rd.
San Marino, CA 91108

This exhibition celebrates the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta by exploring the language and ideology of constitutionalism (both written and unwritten) and the rule of law. While the cornerstone of the exhibition is The Huntington's 13th-century draft of the Magna Carta, the themes move beyond Medieval England to explore the relevance of Magna Carta to later English history, the history of the United States, and the modern world, drawn from various areas of the Huntington’s collections. The exhibition also delves into the legend and popular perceptions of Magna Carta. Over the past eight centuries Magna Carta, as a concept, holds a powerful and empowering place in the imaginations of thinkers, artists, and rebels, demonstrating how people across time have offered unique interpretations of this significant document.

Welcome to The Huntington, one of the world’s great cultural, research, and educational centers: Click to visit

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Joe Satriani praising Dave Martone's new album, "Nacimiento"


Dave Martone


Joe Satriani on the new album...
"I really like this! It's got all your rhythmic intensity and precision but with the nylon tone. Love the vibrato a lot too. I know it sounds crazy but I hear more of you in the tone! What a cool surprise"

Track List
1) 11 11 11
2) Spider-Man
3) The Godfather Theme
4) Dream On
5) Rasputin
6) Maria Elena
7) Besame Mucho
8) Classical Gas
9) Hola
10) Malagueña
11) Theme from "Rocky"
12) The Final Countdown
13) Threesome

Buy "Nacimineto":


Amazon (both physical CD & Downloads):

Android users looking for Dave Martone can get the "Nacimiento" album at GooglePlay: Nacimiento at GooglePlay

"Rasputin" video:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dave Martone - Dancing With The Tsars

Dave Martone - "Rasputin" performance video: 
Dave Martone "Rasputin"   

Boney M’s lush disco classic “Rasputin” gets the flamenco treatment.

From Dave Martone's upcoming album, "Nacimiento".

"Nacimiento" means birth or beginning. For Dave Martone, that means returning to his musical roots and revisiting his love of the nylon string guitar. The acoustic nylon string guitar has a warm, organic sound which fits the passion of the flamenco style on Dave’s new album.

Dave Martone on Magnatude Records    

Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Points North" new CD April 21


“Points North” is the self-titled, second album by this primarily instrumental rock band.

Pre-order CDs before Apr. 21
will be signed by
Eric, Uriah, and Kevin

Points North - "Points North" - MA-9120

Buy: "Points North" on Magna Carta

Eric will be shipping these back to us, so we can send them out to all the people who pre-ordered as soon as they arrive back here at Magna Carta.

The box of signed CDs just arrived from Points North.
They look really nice. They are shipping Today by First Class Mail.
The band signed them last Thursday at rehearsal, and Eric mailed them back to us. The box arrived here late Yesterday. It was like Christmas opening up the big box!
Eric, Kevin & Uriah signed a few extras, so if you want a signed copy order soon:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eric Gales talks about Pinnick Gales Pridgen


Jeb:  “Been So High (The Only Place to go is Down)” may be the best song on the album.

Eric: Dude, that song there ain’t no joke at all!  I’m just saying there is some serious material on this record.  Some of this stuff is hard for me to talk about because there is nothing to say; it just leaves me plain speechless.  All you can say about it is, “Gaaawwwwly” if you can even get that out!  Dude, it is self-explanatory.  That song is just a hard, hard, hard Zeppelin type, bluesy song.  I feel that the point got across very well lyrically and musically.  The solo that is going on during that song, when I listened to it I couldn’t believe that I soloed like that for eight minutes strong.  I am very happy with that one.  I am happy about them all.  When I think of all of the elements that went on and went into this album it makes me very, very happy.



The entire interview with Eric Gales at Classic Rock Revisited

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tempest - "The Tracks We Leave" available February 24, 2015

.. Tempest were inspired by a Dakota Sioux proverb on the “The Tracks We Leave”, which has triple references to the environmental, spiritual and musical tracks we leave upon the world we live in.

Listen to samples: Tempest "The Tracks We Leave" on Magna Carta

2015 will see Tempest continue touring and bringing their Celtodelic Rock to their established and new fans while supporting their new album, “The Tracks We Leave”, on Magna Carta Records.

..::: TEMPEST | 2015 Tour Dates West Coast, East Coast and Midwest Shows :::...

 Mar. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Las Vegas, NV
Special St. Patrick’s Week Shows!
1st Street Stage, across from the Golden Nugget

Show Times:
Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. 9pm – Midnight, 

Tue. (St. Patrick’s Day) 11am – 2pm and 7pm – Midnight!

Mar. 20 Rock Springs, WY
THE BROADWAY THEATER 618 Broadway, 7pm, All Ages

 Sat. Mar. 21 Evanston, WY
The Roundhouse, 1500 West Main St. 8pm Sat.

Mar. 28 Sutter Creek, CA
Lief's Annual Birthday Bash!
44 Main St. 8pm, All Ages

 Fri. Apr. 17 Downers Grove, IL
BALLYDOYLE 5157 Main St. 9pm

 Sat. Apr. 18 Dayton, OH
GILLY’S 132 South Jefferson St. 8pm

 Sun. Apr. 19 Cincinnati, OH
3905 Eastern Ave 7pm All Ages

 Wed. Apr. 22 Rochester, NY
LOVIN’ CUP 300 Park Point Dr. 8pm

 Thu. Apr. 23 Plains, PA
 RIVER STREET JAZZ CAFÉ 667 North River St. 8pm

 Fri. Apr. 24 Ardmore, PA
Presented by Philadelphia Folk Song Society
23 East Lancaster Ave, 7pm

 Sat. Apr. 25 Bethlehem, PA
GODFREY DANIELS 7 East 4th St. 7pm

 Sun. Apr. 26 Newark, DE
*Early show 5pm, All Ages

 Wed. Apr. 29 Cleveland, OH
The Bevy (formerly Winchester Music Hall)
12112 Madison Ave. in Lakewood,

 Thu. Apr. 30 White Oak, PA
BRYN MAWR CHURCH 2901 State St. 7pm, All Ages

 Fri. May 1 Columbus, OH
BYRNES PUB 1248 West 3rd Ave. 9pm

 Sat. May 2 St. Louis, MO
FOCALPOINT THEATRE 2720 Sutton Ave, 8pm, All Ages

Friday, January 2, 2015

MoeTar - Interview with Matthew Charles Heulitt in Guitar Player Magazine

"Our very own Matthew Charles Heulitt is featured in Guitar Player Magazine this month -- his name is on the cover! Pick up a copy and see his transcription of the guitar part in Regression to the Mean!"

Listen to "Entropy Of The Century" on Spotify:

Buy the CD, or click for links to buy the digital version through iTunes or Amazon: