Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ice Age: Double Feature

A specially priced limited edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Ice Age; The Great Divide and “Liberation”.

Ice Age: Double Feature

Ice Age
Jimmy Pappas - Guitars
Josh Pincus - Vocals and Keyboards
Hal Aponte - Drums and Percussion
 Arron DiCesare - Bass

A specially priced 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Ice Age. The Great Divide and “Liberation”

In this verdant, vibrant age of progressive metal, it's quite the treat to hear a band stride confidently forth with more of a nimble, traditionally progressive rock approach, Ice Age thenceforth advancing past the masters, into often overlooked tones from bands like Styx, Kansas, Saga, Rush and Queensryche.

Josh offers a final word which sets the stage for an exploration of the Ice Age experience. "Obviously we are a prog rock/metal band. That's a fair enough categorization. But I think as the years go on, our focus, especially now with the new material, is becoming song structure and songwriting and strong vocal melody writing.”

The Great Divide
1. Perpetual Child (10:29)
2. Sleepwalker (5:24)
3. Join (5:55)
4. Spare Chicken Parts (8:50)
5. Because Of You (5:32)
6. The Bottom Line (4:44)
7. Ice Age (11:08)
8. One Look Away (5:40)
9. Miles To Go (5:01)
10. To Say Goodbye, Part I: Worthless Words (3:13); Part II: On Our Way (8:18)

1. The Lhasa Road (No Surrender) (8:38)
2. March Of the Red Dragon (1:07)
3. The Blood Of Ages (7:15)
4. A Thousand Years (6:10)
5. When You're Ready (8:58)
6. Musical Cages (6:31)
7. Monolith (1:15)
8. The Guardian of Forever (6:48)
9. Howl (1:41)
10. The Wolf (4:40)
11. To Say Goodbye, Part III:  Still Here (8:19)
12. Tong-Len (1:34)

Artist: Ice Age
Title: Ice Age: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 10/02/2015
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case

Catalog #: MA-2004-2
UPC: 614286200421