Friday, February 11, 2011

X Opus signs to Magna Carta

X Opus will be releasing their new album, "The Epiphany" on Magna Carta Records.
Check out sound samples on the X Opus website:

"The Epiphany" is the creation of James Williams (Guitarist, Composer, Producer and Soul of X Opus).

James has appeared in Guitar Player Magazine with Mike Varney, who said "James' impressive guitar pyrotechnics are highlighted by arpeggios, speed picking, vibrato and guitar harmonies that work together to create inspiring high level passages that sometimes remind me of Yngwie Malmsteen".

X Opus has found their own sound with classical interludes which remind one of Mozart, Beethoven and Stravinsky woven between catchy hooks reminiscent of Symphony X, Adagio/Nocturnal Rites.

Cover artwork was created by Bob Hobbs: