Friday, July 29, 2011

Goldmine Review: Glen Drover’s ‘Metalusion’ is a touch of class

Drover shreds all over “Ground Zero;” how could he not with early Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland and UFO’s Vinnie Moore helping out? But “Frozen Dream,” with an appearance by Forbidden guitarist Steve Smyth, aims more for prog majesty than metal domination. And then Drover takes Al DiMeola’s exotic “Egyptian Danza” from 1978 and gives it a riff-tastic makeover. Elsewhere, fusion and prog collide on “Colors of Infinity,” as well as on two Jean Luc Ponty covers (“Don’t Let the World Pass You By” and “Mirage”).

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Glen Drover interview on About.Com's Heavy Metal

Former Megadeth/Eidolon/King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover recently released a solo project. Metalusion is an instrumental album combining a few different genres. Drover fills us in on his new venture, memories of some of his previous bands, and what's in store for the future.

Chad Bowar: How did you go about putting together the band for your solo album?
Glen Drover: I called the drummer, Chris Sutherland, who is a good friend and great drummer about the idea to do an instrumental thing. He was very excited about this possibility and recommended two other friends, which turned out to be Jim Gilmour from Saga, and bass player extraordinaire Paul Yee.

Why did you decide to go the instrumental route?
I think because this is a form of music that I grew up with and love to listen to. It’s challenging and something that I really wanted to get into.

How did your songwriting process work?
Well, on this album, 4 songs are covers and the other 5 are originals. I wrote some of the material. Jim and Paul did as well and the whole thing just came together so well. I couldn’t be more happy!

How would you describe the genre/style of Metalusion?
I would say it’s a combination of metal, jazz fusion and prog. We have so many influences, but I think these three styles permeate the whole album.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glen Drover Praise From His Peers

“As if Glen Drover’s monster guitar chops weren’t enough, he also possesses a great sense of space and melody, making Metalusion an engaging listen from start to finish.
—Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine

"Glen is a gifted guitar player who blurs the lines between metal, jazz, rock & fusion...put it in front of him and he'll shred em down!" - MIKE PORTNOY

“Glen Drover's "Metalusion" record is a barage of amazing guitar playing and a
sophisticated song writting. A true testament of Glen's musicianship"
-Scott Uchida: Jim Dunlop Mfg.

“With the release of Metalusion, Glen Drover has once again established himself as one of the best metal guitarists of our time. Flawless technique meets thoughtful songwriting, crafted with great guitar tones. And, he’s one of the very few people on the planet that can do justice to Al Dimeola.
-Frank Aresti, D’adarrio U.S.A.

“Glen Drover is one of best guitarists of his generation, walking the line between heavy metal and jazz fusion, playing both styles, and everything in between, with a master's touch.” -Mike Varney, Shrapnel Records.

"Metalusion sets the standard for instrumental music in this day and age by giving the shred a heart and soul. Glen Drover is a natural born singer; his voice just happens to have six strings." -Carl Begai, BW&BK

Android Meme on WeLoveMetal

Have you ever watched The Big Bang Theory and thought to yourself, “If these four guys listened to metal, what band would it be?” You haven’t? Me neither! But if you take a quick minute and think about it, what could three theoretical physicists and one engineer listen to in the metal of today if they wanted to do a little head banging? I have found the answer to this long (5 minute) sought after question: THE ANDROID MEME!

All kidding aside this Toronto based non-genre specific band has put together ORDA AB CHAO; an album that is based on conspiracy, governmental influence, and brainwashing. You will see what I mean from this little tidbit taken directly from their press release: “What if the threat of global domination by shadow governments was real and impacting us every day? What if, by employing space-age technology, these powers have programmed us to blindly obey?”

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Monday, July 25, 2011

XOpus review on Shred Knowledge

X Opus "The Epiphany" Album Review

X Opus "The Epiphany" is a New Debut Album by metal-prog multi-instrumentalist James Williams out of Texas, and I must say this is one album for the neo-classical music books.

The music is a master stroke of very heavy, melodic and progressive reverbnations .

The talented composer takes you on a fast paced, multi-faceted journey thru colorful symphonic keyboard rich settings and celestial landscapes. Each song on this CD is an Opus in it's own right.

The songs showcase James' talent and musical craftsmanship. The metal laden operatic vocals by Brian Dixon and David Croker are perfect for this type of music in the style of Ronnie James Dio, Geoff Tate and Apollo Papathanasio from the Greek band Firewind.

The music and impeccable guitar playing reminds me of Yngwie Malmsteen's muse ala his album Trilogy and others. The theme-matic headbanging compositions take you thru harmonious hills and dales all the while pushing the listener onward to sense-stimulating hamlets of azure. “You always hear about the healing powers of music,” says guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and X Opus leader James Williams.

“The Epiphany CD really sums up many of the trials and tribulations of my life and even my own belief system. Really, it’s the record I’ve waited my life to make.”

In a nut shell, X Opus can be described as an amalgamation of metal, rock, and classical mixed together to present a diverse style that is unique and appreciable. I highly recommend this majestic production to those who can't get enuff of their much needed neoclassic fix.


Friday, July 22, 2011

James Williams Talks About His Band X Opus with Sea Of Tranquility

With their debut CD The Epiphany out now on Magna Carta Records, progressive metal act X Opus are out to take the world by storm. Band leader, mastermind, and guitar stud James Williams talked to Sea of Tranquility's Simon Bray about the exciting new CD, his career in music, influences, and various other topics.

SoT: Myself and Peter Pardo played "spot the influences," in our reviews. We noted Queensryche and Symphony X amongst others. Were we correct and who are your main influences?

James: Actually as far as prog Metal its Symphony X{Micheal Romeo},Yngwie Malmsteen,Adagio,Nocturnal Rites and a little Pagans Mind.As far as my guitar influences, it was Hendrix first,then Robin Trower,Frank Marino,Al Di Meola,Gary Moore,Yngwie Malmsteen,Jeff Beck,Larry Carlton,Alan Holdsworth,Shaun Lane,Randy Rhoads.There are more but that should be enough (laughs).

SoT: On the album you have two lead vocalists, Brian Dixon and David Crocker. How did that work and how can we tell them apart?

James: It worked well because they sound alike! (laughs) However Brian has a more James LaBrie tone and David can sound closer to Dio at times.Lucky to have one great singer but two is not fair! (laughs) David sang on Ill Find The Truth,I Will Fly, and Angels Of War. Brain sang all the others with Brian and I sing background.I even sang the lead vocal line on the intro of one song,however I didnt credit myself for that on the inside cd jacket (laughs) Its a secret trivia question.I will tell you I sang the screamo vocals on the chorus of On Top Of The World!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Glen Drover review on MetalPaths

"Influenced by Tony MacAlpine, Al Di Meola, Randy Rhoads, Greg Howe and many more great guitarists, that seem to appear through his unique style and performance, Glen Drover on “Metalusion” sets himself free of boundaries and offers us a handy guitar shredding and metal-ly fused album"

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Bill Cutler's "Crossing The Line" Reviewed in the new issue of Expose

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X Opus review on Power Of Metal

"both singers are technically brilliant, there’s no doubt about that. Similarly impressive are the guitar solos throughout the album, with melodies that seem very much influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen as well Classical composers such as Bach and Mozart."

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X Opus - The Epiphany review on Dangerdog

"The larger canvas of The Epiphany is melodic heavy metal with notes of power and progressive metal as well. Mostly, however, the entire tapestry is an outlet for Williams neo-classical guitar playing. You'll get this in very first minutes of the opening track Terrified where he show his substantial talent. This song along with the following On Top of the World and Pharoahs of Lies are ambitious mixtures of heavy and power metal. They're all fine songs, but melodic power metal with virtuoso guitar work as expected. I'll Find the Truth offers your first twist of interest: it's fast-paced quite catchy piece of straight melodic metal. Then Williams brings In The Heavens, a slow and steady song that reminds more of strict, slightly doom-laced, heavy metal."

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Melodic.Net reviews the Android Meme

"Oh yes, we´re talking hi-tech prog in the same vein as Queensryche´s "Rage for order" and even I Mother Earth. I just adore this album from The Android Meme, they are a bit futuristic in their sound but also quite retro with some Rush influences which is major cool."

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Magna Carta July Newsletter: Meet The Android Meme

"You'll find several overarching concepts running through Ordo Ab Chao, helping to create a kind of cohesive narrative," says lead vocalist/lyricist/founder Stefano Amelio. "Our music is inherently visual. The symbols on the cover are important because they relate to how a listener will perceive this CD."

Hidden and double meanings abound on the record. For example, Ordo Ab Chao, which roughly translates to "order and chaos" (or order from chaos), is also an appropriate description of the band's music. By working in various musical styles, The Android Meme has created its own artistic identity. Ordo Ab Chao certainly offers something for everyone.

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"We wanted a well-rounded record," says Amelio. "Despite some of the individual songs being completely different stylistically, they all represent 'our sound.' I like the fact that we're difficult to label. I think that's our strength."

Listeners will hear influences of Tool, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Motley Crue and Rush.

Tracks such as "The Machine Stops", "Sumii", "Ordo Ab Chao", "Left Right Parasite", "Whistleblower" and "Stranger" range in topics from secret societies to secret government experiments. While not a concept record in the truest sense, Ordo Ab Chao explores the mystical realm of the unseen and largely unknown -- an esoteric dimension represented by the rich Masonic symbolism adorning the CD's cover artwork.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grass Roots' lead singer, songwriter and bass player, Rob Grill has passed away at the age of 67

Sad news

Grass Roots' lead singer, songwriter and bass player, Rob Grill has passed away at the age of 67. His wife Nancy issued this ststmenet Monday Monring on his death:

My dear husband Robert Frank Grill, 67, of Mt Dora, Fl passed away peacefully in my arms at 11:37 a.m. (EST), while listening to one of his favorite songs…”Let’s Live for Today.” He loved his fans and he loved The Grass Roots! Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support during this time.

Nancy Grill

Tempest did their interpretation of the Grass Roots' hit single "Let's Live For Today" on their 'Another Dawn' album on Magna Carta.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Android Meme review on Hard Rock Haven

"after playing the album a good number of times one realizes that the protagonist instrument is actually the vocals. Just about every instrument performance on Ordo ab Chao perfectly complies with the vocal melodies so, in a sense, their progressive nature serves as a vehicle for catchy hooks and memorable choruses."

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Listen To Android Meme's "Ordo Ab Chao" on Magna Carta

Listeners will hear influences of Tool, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Motley Crue and Rush.

The Band:
Stefano S. Amelio: vocals, programming, big brother
Mathias Devereaux: guitars, vocals, synthesizers, illusions
Mark Davidson: big bad bass man, webmaster
Jake Hamilton: drums, sorcery

What if the threat of global domination by shadow governments was real and impacting us every day? What if, by employing space-age technology, these powers have programmed us to blindly obey?

Toronto-based quartet The Android Meme thinks it knows the answer to these burning questions and urges us to heed their warnings. With the release of their first full-length CD, Ordo Ab Chao, produced by Matthew von Wagner, The Android Meme might well be called rock and roll prophets, delivering a message the world needs to hear.