Friday, July 29, 2011

Glen Drover interview on About.Com's Heavy Metal

Former Megadeth/Eidolon/King Diamond guitarist Glen Drover recently released a solo project. Metalusion is an instrumental album combining a few different genres. Drover fills us in on his new venture, memories of some of his previous bands, and what's in store for the future.

Chad Bowar: How did you go about putting together the band for your solo album?
Glen Drover: I called the drummer, Chris Sutherland, who is a good friend and great drummer about the idea to do an instrumental thing. He was very excited about this possibility and recommended two other friends, which turned out to be Jim Gilmour from Saga, and bass player extraordinaire Paul Yee.

Why did you decide to go the instrumental route?
I think because this is a form of music that I grew up with and love to listen to. It’s challenging and something that I really wanted to get into.

How did your songwriting process work?
Well, on this album, 4 songs are covers and the other 5 are originals. I wrote some of the material. Jim and Paul did as well and the whole thing just came together so well. I couldn’t be more happy!

How would you describe the genre/style of Metalusion?
I would say it’s a combination of metal, jazz fusion and prog. We have so many influences, but I think these three styles permeate the whole album.

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