Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Glen Drover Praise From His Peers

“As if Glen Drover’s monster guitar chops weren’t enough, he also possesses a great sense of space and melody, making Metalusion an engaging listen from start to finish.
—Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine

"Glen is a gifted guitar player who blurs the lines between metal, jazz, rock & fusion...put it in front of him and he'll shred em down!" - MIKE PORTNOY

“Glen Drover's "Metalusion" record is a barage of amazing guitar playing and a
sophisticated song writting. A true testament of Glen's musicianship"
-Scott Uchida: Jim Dunlop Mfg.

“With the release of Metalusion, Glen Drover has once again established himself as one of the best metal guitarists of our time. Flawless technique meets thoughtful songwriting, crafted with great guitar tones. And, he’s one of the very few people on the planet that can do justice to Al Dimeola.
-Frank Aresti, D’adarrio U.S.A.

“Glen Drover is one of best guitarists of his generation, walking the line between heavy metal and jazz fusion, playing both styles, and everything in between, with a master's touch.” -Mike Varney, Shrapnel Records.

"Metalusion sets the standard for instrumental music in this day and age by giving the shred a heart and soul. Glen Drover is a natural born singer; his voice just happens to have six strings." -Carl Begai, BW&BK