Tuesday, July 19, 2011

X Opus - The Epiphany review on Dangerdog

"The larger canvas of The Epiphany is melodic heavy metal with notes of power and progressive metal as well. Mostly, however, the entire tapestry is an outlet for Williams neo-classical guitar playing. You'll get this in very first minutes of the opening track Terrified where he show his substantial talent. This song along with the following On Top of the World and Pharoahs of Lies are ambitious mixtures of heavy and power metal. They're all fine songs, but melodic power metal with virtuoso guitar work as expected. I'll Find the Truth offers your first twist of interest: it's fast-paced quite catchy piece of straight melodic metal. Then Williams brings In The Heavens, a slow and steady song that reminds more of strict, slightly doom-laced, heavy metal."

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