Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Listen to X Opus on the Magna Carta YouTube Channel

Audio clips of the new X Opus - "The Epiphany" album on Magna Carta.


The Epiphany, the debut CD from the symphonic metal band X Opus, is a celestial blend of enigmatic lyrical threads and layered neoclassical metal. Tracks such as “Terrified”, “Forsaken” “On Top of the World”, “Pharaohs of Lies” and “In the Heavens” are haunting yet radiant musical vignettes, imbued with the power of spiritual transformation.

While traces of Hendrix, Symphony X and J.S. Bach can be detected throughout the 10- track CD, X Opus has shaped a dense musical landscape pockmarked by major plateaus and minor gullies. The combination of doomy chord changes, bombastic compositional grandness, the flavor of Middle Eastern scales, and lyrical themes, based on the redemptive nature of faith, is enough to send chills up and down your spine.


We have a winner in the Glen Drover Guitar Contest

And the winner of the Glen Drover Guitar Solo contest sponsored by Magna Carta and Dean Guitars is...Kelly Kereliuk!


Congratulations to Kelley Kereliuk on his fine entry and exceptional ability. Kelly will receive a great package of prizes from Dean, D'Addario and Magna Carta."

Glen had a tough decision when choosing the winner of this contest because there were so many strong entries. Glen also chose 5 runners up in the contest who will receive signed copies of Glen's new album, "Metalusion", along with some other goodies from Magna Carta.
"I want to thank all you guys for your entries in this contest. Lots of great stuff in the videos I had reviewed here, and I really had fun watching all the players involved. Congrats to Kelly Kereliuk and our 5 runner ups!"
- Glen Drover