Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Drum Nation Volume 1 review

The Sun Herald
by Ricky Flake

Drummers form a unique community. When a drummer gets sick or falls on hard times, the “nation of drummers” rallies to help. When a drummer needs a tip, there are no secrets, only sharing.

By recording superstar drummers in a variety of musical settings, Modern Drummer and Magna Carta are primed for success beyond the borders of the "drum nation" itself.

There's lots of great playing here by the drummers and their collaborators. Former Journeyman Steve Smith does some death-defying brush work on his two part cut with Zakir Hussain. Who collaborator Simon Phillips plays wonderfully on a prog piece reminiscent of Jeff Beck's early fusion work.

If you enjoy a wide enough variety of drum-driven music genres, you will like this one.