Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cairo: Double Feature

A specially priced limited edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Cairo; "Cairo" and "Conflicts and Dreams".

Cairo: Double Feature

Mark Robertson: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Hammond Organ, Grand Piano, Vocals
Jeff Brockman: Drums, Electronic Percussion
Bret Douglas: Lead Vocals
Alec Fuhrman: Guitars, Vocals

Bob Fordyce: Bass, Vocals on “Cairo”
Jamie Browne: Bass on “Conflict And Dreams”

Fans of Yes, ELP, Genesis and the other great keyboard-centric bands of the first golden age will fall instantly in love with Cairo. Driven by virtuoso musicianship and conceptual songs, Cairo’s lush arrangements, soaring melodies and sweet harmonies are as cinematic as they are evocative.

Mark Robertson’s stellar keyboard work is truly a highlight of “Conflict And Dreams” and he proves over and over again that he is one of the more remarkable keyboard players in the music world today. Melodic and expressive guitar work from Alec Fuhrman transform textures throughout the compositions as well as shifting the emotional range of the soundscape throughout the album. Jeff Brockman’s powerful, yet tasteful, drumming propels the tracks while acting to hold the band together. Singer Bret Douglas has a vocal purity matched only by its power. 

1 Conception 2:10
2 Season Of The Heart 10:13
3 Silent Winter 8:25
4 Between The Lines 9:25
5 World Divided 10:16
6  Ruins At Avalon’s Gate 22:25

"Conflict And Dreams"
1. Angels And Rage 10:23
2. Corridors 11:56
3. Western Desert 17:08
4. Image 1:25
5. Then You Were Gone 8:25
6. Valley of The Shadow 15:52

Artist: Cairo
Title: Cairo: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 09/18/2015
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case

Catalog #: MA-2003-2
UPC: 614286200322

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