Friday, August 7, 2015

Shadow Gallery: Double Feature


A specially priced Limited Edition 2 CD set of the first 2 albums by progressive rock band Shadow Gallery: "Shadow Gallery" and "Carved In Stone"

Shadow Gallery: Double Feature

Shadow Gallery
Brendt Allman – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals
Mike Baker – Lead Vocals
Carl Cadden-James – Bass, Vocal, Flute, Fretless Bass
Chris Ingles – Piano and Keyboards

Gary Wehrkamp – Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer, Vocals on “Carved In Stone”
Kevin Soffera – Drums on “Carved In Stone”

"Shadow Gallery" was the debut CD by Shadow Gallery, and first took the world by storm in 1992.  It has never been available in the USA through any distributor. 

Shadow Gallery made a name for themselves during the early 1990s by helping to create and expand the progressive metal scene. Citing the influence of Queensryche, Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Yes, Shadow Gallery put as much emphasis on the keyboard as they do on their blistering guitar work.  Another stand out is the lead vocals of the late Mike Baker and the wonderful vocal harmonies from the rest of the band.  This is the album that started it all, originally only released in Japan and Europe. Includes the epic 17-minute 'The Queen of the City of Ice'.

The follow-up, “Carved In Stone”, is a progressive rock masterpiece, building upon the composition and production skills of the first album to perfect the Shadow Gallery sound.  The piano takes lead on instrumental segues which transition between songs, vocal harmonies and guitars punctuate the thought provoking lyrics throughout. The album concludes with the 22-minute "Ghostship," which gives Shadow Gallery a chance to shine as musicians.

"Shadow Gallery"
1 The Dance Of Fools 7:31
2 Darktown 9:12
3 Mystified 7:07
4 Questions At Hand 6:56
5 The Final Hour 4:15
6  Say Goodbye To The Morning 6:43
7 The Queen Of The City Of Ice 17:22

"Carved In Stone"
1 Cliffhanger 8:50
3 Crystalline Dream 5:45
5 Don’t Ever Cry, Just Remember 6:25
7 Warcry 5:56
8 Celtic Princess 2:04
9 Deeper Than Life 4:33
11 Alaska 5:21
12 Ghostship 21:56

Artist: Shadow Gallery
Title: Shadow Gallery: Double Feature
Label: Magna Carta
Street Date: 08/07/2015
Genre: Progressive Rock / Progressive Metal
Configuration: 2 CD set in jewel case

Catalog #: MA-2002-2
UPC: 614286200223