Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Joe Satriani praising Dave Martone's new album, "Nacimiento"


Dave Martone


Joe Satriani on the new album...
"I really like this! It's got all your rhythmic intensity and precision but with the nylon tone. Love the vibrato a lot too. I know it sounds crazy but I hear more of you in the tone! What a cool surprise"

Track List
1) 11 11 11
2) Spider-Man
3) The Godfather Theme
4) Dream On
5) Rasputin
6) Maria Elena
7) Besame Mucho
8) Classical Gas
9) Hola
10) MalagueƱa
11) Theme from "Rocky"
12) The Final Countdown
13) Threesome

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Android users looking for Dave Martone can get the "Nacimiento" album at GooglePlay: Nacimiento at GooglePlay

"Rasputin" video: https://youtu.be/lIFnDNoOPh8