Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eric Gales talks about Pinnick Gales Pridgen


Jeb:  “Been So High (The Only Place to go is Down)” may be the best song on the album.

Eric: Dude, that song there ain’t no joke at all!  I’m just saying there is some serious material on this record.  Some of this stuff is hard for me to talk about because there is nothing to say; it just leaves me plain speechless.  All you can say about it is, “Gaaawwwwly” if you can even get that out!  Dude, it is self-explanatory.  That song is just a hard, hard, hard Zeppelin type, bluesy song.  I feel that the point got across very well lyrically and musically.  The solo that is going on during that song, when I listened to it I couldn’t believe that I soloed like that for eight minutes strong.  I am very happy with that one.  I am happy about them all.  When I think of all of the elements that went on and went into this album it makes me very, very happy.



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