Friday, February 3, 2012

Dave Martone’s Serious Shred: Advanced Scales Book/DVD

Dave Martone be on Vancouver's Urban Rush TV on Wed Feb 8th.

"My first book/dvd out from Alfred Publishing! Pick up your copy today!"

Dave Martone's Serious Shred Advanced Scales

If you admire guitarists who combine killer technique with exciting musical ideas, the Serious Shred series is for you. Each title features lessons from renowned shredders and educators, and includes licks and examples in both standard notation and TAB---all combined in a book and DVD package for a complete learning experience. Learn what you need to know to become the best player possible, straight from bona fide shred virtuosos.

In this book, shred master Dave Martone teaches you essential scales to improve your playing using boxes (or shapes), formulas, and patterns. Learn about connecting boxes, modes, blues scales, modal interchange, three-string patterns, and creative ways to use pentatonic scales. Martone provides exercises that span the entire fretboard for every scale covered. The included DVD features live demonstrations by Martone.