Monday, February 13, 2012

MoeTar interview at

MoeTar is the best band that you have never heard of until now. Consisting of Moorea Dickason (vocals), Tarik Ragab (bass), Matthew Charlea Heulitt (guitar), Matt Lebofsky (keyboards), and Dave Flores (drums), the awkward and cacophonic band name will help to serve as a reminder. Thankfully for the world, From These Small Seeds is the band’s debut release, so there is no extensive discography to catch-up on. This is a good time to stumble upon MoeTar because you will want to and need to spend some time with this album. 




Christen: Yeah, I saw that on your website. That’s very cool! So I see that a lot of 60’s bands are your inspiration for your music – Led Zeppelin, The Beatles-…who else?

Tarik: The 70’s and late 60’s are a big part of my musical vocabulary. Frank Zappa…a lot of jazz influence, John Coltrane, Weather Report, a lot of fusion, a lot of that stuff. I listened to a lot of punk rock growing up and heavy metal, so it was kind of like a fusing of all the different influences over the years.

Moorea: And I grew up listening to a lot of rock, but also a lot of soul and R&B and pop music, 90’s, and so, I add that, I think.

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