Friday, January 27, 2012

MoeTar's debut masterpiece

MoeTar is a band that will surprise you in many ways, their unpredictable sound of artprog and classic rock. Their melodies that should make Sparks proud or their complex songstructures that you haven´t since the days of Zappa, you can also add traces of Gentle Giant and Kevin Gilbert into this musical mess and you´ll get the Bay Area band MoeTar. They are Moorea Dickason - Lead Vocals, Tarik Ragab - Bass, Matthew Charlea Heulitt - Guitar, Matt Lefobsky - Keyboards and Dave Flores - Drums. Their debut "From these small seeds" is as adventurous as an album can get and it´s also total extasy for a music freak like myself, I can´t think of any other word than Masterpiece. Thank you and goodnight!
ReviewerKaj Roth

MoeTar on Magna Carta