Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chris Pennie - YMCA OR TCBY

Chris Pennie from Coheed and Cambria / Dillinger Escape Plan sends us “YMCA Or TCBY”, a tune with an expansive, haunting intro devoid of drums. It raises the question: What would you do to enter effectively? Jump in with obligatory double bass drum? Chris shows admirable patience, waiting plenty of time before jumping to action. His bombastic, Bonham-ish phrasing is tightly in rein, jumping to the fore then gating down the next moment. Back to the repetitive keyboard pattern, then Chris is back on top of the beat with thrusting ride cymbal and well-positioned fills. Nasal keyboard patches zap across the synapses, punctuated by solo drum phrases.

From DRUM NATION Volume 3 on Magna Carta