Monday, October 31, 2011

What if the threat of global domination by shadow governments was real and impacting us every day?

What if, by employing space-age technology, these powers have programmed us to blindly obey?

Toronto-based quartet The Android Meme thinks it knows the answer to these burning questions and urges us to heed their warnings. With the release of their first full-length CD, Ordo Ab Chao, produced by Matthew von Wagner, The Android Meme might well be called rock and roll prophets, delivering a message the world needs to hear.

“A lot of what we talk about in our songs concerns conspiracy theories and the idea that society is being steered in different directions by forces beyond our control,” says lead vocalist/lyricist/founder Stefano Amelio. “Looking at the global stage, it’s difficult not to think that there’s some sort of New World Order afoot.”

Tracks such as “The Machine Stops”, “Sumii”, “Ordo Ab Chao”, “Left Right Parasite”, “Whistleblower” and “Stranger” range in topics from secret societies to secret government experiments. While not a concept record in the truest sense, Ordo Ab Chao explores the mystical realm of the unseen and largely unknown – an esoteric dimension represented by the rich Masonic symbolism adorning the CD’s cover artwork.

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