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Cairo - "Cairo"


Cairo recorded 3 albums for Magna Carta ("Cairo", "Conflict and Dreams", "Time Of Legends"), as well as tracks for tributes to Pink Floyd ("The Moon Revisted"); Yes ("Tales From Yesterday"); and Genesis ("Supper's Ready").  Cairo band members helped out on • Jeff Brockman performs on "Freewill" on Rush tribute "Working Man" with Gregoor van der Loo & Marcel Coenen (Lemur Voice), Trent Gardner (Magellan), Carl Cadden-James (Shadow Gallery) • Mark Robertson performs Liszt's "Sonnetto 104 Del Petrarca" on "Steinway To Heaven" • Mark Robertson performs Hammond C-3 Organ on "The Sheriff" on the tribute to ELP "Encores, Leginds & Paradox" with Trent Gardner, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Peter Banks (Yes), John Wetton (King Crimson, Asia), Wayne Gardner • Bret Douglas performs lead vocals on "Impact 1: Fate Speaks" on Explorers Club "Age Of Impact" alongside Trent Gardner, Fred Clarke, John Petrucci & Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), James Murphy (Testament), Matt Guillory (Dali's Dilemma)

"The five-man Cairo were formed in the San Francisco Bay area in the early 1990s. This double album, a two-for-one re-release, consists of their eponymous debut album from 1994, coupled with its follow up, "Conflict and Dreams", from 1998. Cairo's music mixes a neo-prog approach and an AOR sensibility, along with Keith Emerson organ sounds and Yes-like vocal harmonies. They are like Asia or Kansas but a bit heavier on the prog element, especially the keyboards.

Cairo's debut album, after a short instrumental, kicks off with the AOR prog of Season Of The Heart. It is a fairly straightforward anthem with a stadium rock chorus, but it does mark out Cairo's musical identity. It is full of Mark Robertson's neo-prog synths and Hammond organ, balanced with Alec Fuhrman's guitars and fronted by Bret Douglas' strong and controlled tenor lead vocals."

- Martin Burns

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"Cairo: Double Feature"
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