Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Magellan "Hour Of Restoration"

..Released December 1, 1991

Progressive rock sound from an American band
Magellan was/is a truly unique progressive rock band. 
Their use of lyrics typically emphasized historical events 
especially on this album. Probably the seminal song that 
Magellan will be remembered for is found on this album - 
Magna Carta. The historic feel of the band singing about 
Magellan circumnavigating the globe makes this very 
It was Ferdinand Magellan's spirit of adventure and 
willingness to take risks that caused bandleader Trent 
Gardner to name his band Magellan. Trent wrote and sang 
all the songs as well as played keyboards. His brother, 
Wayne (RIP Feb. 10, 2014) played lead guitar. The band was 
rounded out by Hal Stringfellow on bass.
As expected from a so-called progressive group, there are 
several lengthy songs with several shorter ones mixed in. 
The songs are based around strong melodies with abrupt 
timing changes.There are also frequent changes from soft 
rock to hard rock and vice-versa. All in all, it creates a 
very interesting listening experience.
Certainly worth a listen!
- Tobias Funke, Amazon Review

Available as part of A specially priced 2 CD set of the 
first 2 albums by progressive rock band Magellan. "Hour Of 
Restoration" and "Impending Ascension"

Also available from Magna Carta Records
Magellan on Magna Carta: 

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