Wednesday, August 30, 2017

British Library Releases 570 Pages of Leonardo da Vinci's Manuscripts Online


The British Library Releases 570 Pages of Leonardo da Vinci's Manuscripts Online: Leonardo da Vincis manuscripts

See just some of the artwork and writings which influenced the writing of "Leonardo - The Absolute Man"

a reasoned, selective re-telling of the life of a great man, Leonardo da Vinci, the ultimate Renaissance man. It has been in the works for years, originating as the ultimate artistic dream of Magna Carta label head Peter Morticelli, who then placed the intellectual blueprints in the hands of Trent Gardner who commenced to create what is by far, the most complex, grand and magnificently sweeping collaboration the label has ever attempted.

The Cast:
Leonardo da Vinci - James LaBrie
Ser Piero da Vinci - Davey Pattison
Caterina - Michelle Young
Lorenzo de' Medici - Josh Pincus
Mona Lisa - Lisa Bouchelle
Melzi - Mike Baker
Verrochio - Trent Gardner
Salai - Robert Berry
Calco - Steve Walsh
Sforza - Chris Shryack
Francois 1 - Bret Douglas
The Musicians:
Trent Gardner - keyboards and trombone
Wayne Gardner - guitar
Jeremy Colson - drums
Patrick Reyes - guitar
Steve Reyes - bass
Joe Franco - drums and percussion on
"This Time, This Way" and "Apparition"
Luis Maldonado - guitar and bass on
"This Time, This Way"

Design and illustration by Dave McKean at Hourglass
(a beautiful 12 page booklet with lyrics)

Mixed by Terry Brown

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