Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trent Gardner 1961-2016, Rest in Peace

Magellan founder Trent Gardner passed away suddenly June 11, 2016 in Vacaville, CA

Trent Gardner founded the band Magellan in the late 1980’s with his brother Wayne. Since that time he has been involved with many other projects for Magna Carta as well as releasing 4 Magellan albums. Trent has produced tracks for the 6 Magna Carta tribute albums, written the Explorers Club – “Age Of Impact” and “Raising The Mammoth” albums, written the “Leonardo – The Absolute Man” album, written and arranged with James LaBrie’s MullMuzzler and Steve Walsh’s “Glossolalia”.

"As a teenager I can remember continually listening to all the classic prog artists in this 'club'," Trent recalls fondly. "The 'rolling public address system' that trumpeted from my '75 Lemans courtesy of a cheesy cassette machine (at far above 90 decibels) forced every last riff possible upon the unsuspecting and often unappreciative ears of passing motorists with albums such as Thick As A Brick or Close To The Edge. I considered this more of a religious or sacred duty than I did an immature, juvenile prank. I even fantasized about how fun it would be to work with these musicians one day and have them execute a few of my own humble compositions, but with their blazing virtuosity."