Friday, September 20, 2013

Michael Lee Firkins - "Yep"


Michael Lee Firkins - "Yep"

Firkins gained fresh perspective in other musical ways, as well. A number of songs on Yep, including “Cajun Boogie” and the leadoff track “Golden Oldie”, feature an electric “Reso-Tele,” a guitar Firkins designed with the help of a woodworker friend. Fusing a resonator cone and the body and neck of a Fender Telecaster, the electrified roots rocker has built the perfect instrument with which to express himself.

“The Reso electric guitar was an integral part of my journey,” says Firkins. “When I first started this record I had been playing acoustic guitar a lot, and wasn’t really into the electric. But since I started using the Reso-Tele, I’ve designed my sound around the instrument, and tried to use it on as many tracks as possible for Yep.”

Michael Lee Firkins on Magnatude Records