Monday, February 18, 2013

Pinnick Gales Pridgen reviews at Amazon


Just finished playing this magnificent beast of a CD. You want low, low down bass - you got it. You want great vocals - it is here in spades from Pinnick and Gales. You want some manic drumming - then Pridgen's your man. His efforts on Creams - 'Sunshine of your love' is brilliant. He just flays his kit and Pinnick and Gales put in some killer vocals. On top of it all you have Gales ripping some down-right vicious runs along the way. His 6 string attack on the track 'Me and You' is a gem. Kudos to Mike Varney who has turned in a top quality production. The sound is deep, thick, clean and precise. Just a 3 piece, but damn they can go some.

I love Eric and in this trio he has finally got the quality support he deserves. Over the past 5 years Eric has to be on top of the tree when looking at quality & quantity production of music. He just keeps backing up CD after CD. Keep up the great work Eric.

Regards Paul

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