Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MoeTar interview on Music Legends

MoeTar Interview

Questions and Answers with Moorea Dickason (Vocals) and Tarik Ragab (Bassist) for Progressive Rock group MoeTar.

7. Could you tell us about your main influences?

Tarik Ragab: That’s easy: the Beatles, Weather Report, Jaco, Sly and Family Stone, XTC, James Brown, Queen, Hermeto Pascoal, Frank Zappa, Duke Ellington, Strawinski Genesis, Yes… just to name a few of the main ones. I remember my kindergarten teacher played piano and sang and every morning she would play Rogers and Hammerstein’s “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” and that chord that was played on “I’ve got a beautiful FEE-LING” Would always make my heart melt. Ever since I’ve been a sucker for tri-tones and dominant chords.

Moorea Dickason: In my impressionable youth I was really inspired by Ella Fitzgerald for her agility and playfulness, Janis Joplin for her biting, gritty, bad ass rockin style, Aretha Franklin for her strength and ability to sound at ease singing the S*#@ out of something, Mariah Carey for her crazy range and melismas for days, Stevie Wonder for more then I have time to write about, Bobby McFerrin and Nina Simone for doing something completely different with the voice then just singing. I’m sure there’s plenty more but these were some of the big ones for me.

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