Monday, August 8, 2011

Glen Drover review in Stormbringer

A rough translation from the German website:

The mixture can be probably best described as prog-metal. There's renowned support abound. Among other things, access Jeff Loomis (NEVERMORE), Fredrik Akesson (OPETH), Vinnie Moore (UFO) and Steve Smyth (FORBIDDEN) in the strings. Interestingly, we come full circle with Chris Poland (ex-MEGADETH).

"Every song should sound as if he were destined to land on the plate. Nothing should act inappropriately. "- Said Glen Drovers. I think that is exactly what he succeeded. The compositions need not be behind the cover to hide anyway. Although with "Filthy Habits" FRANK ZAPPA is my favorite of the entire disc is very consistent, never saves with exciting melodies and offers within the stylistic framework also enough variety.

I'm not a huge fan of instrumental albums, "Metalusion" can still inspire me. Honestly, I almost feel guilty about Glen Drover MEGADETH times have not been adequately addressed. Mega Dave had - as so often - a good hand. Glen makes both the shredding, as well as the jazzy and soulful sounds an excellent figure.